There are lots of things going on in the Rio Grande Bosque where I and many others enjoy the opportunities of fishing especially. But not everything is GOOD. In one of my recent posts there was an account of what is now proven to be unauthorized woodcutting at Pena Blanca. But as for the cutting of jetty jacks, no one is working that hard to acquire scrap steel for recycling or any other use; they are doing it to gain and enable vehicular access to the river.

Help Catch Thieves Stealing Your Tax Dollars
Thieves are stealing from the MRGCD at a record pace in 2012 and it's costing thousands of your tax dollars.
These thieves are stealing the brass nuts on top of turnouts, the steel screw rods on turnouts as well. While this is costly, it also has a direct impact on getting irrigation water to farmers when it's needed. In addition, thieves are entering the bosque and cutting out jetty jacks, leaving dangerous metal stumps. And, when the bosque is dry, this creates a dangerous fire situation that can threaten your homes and farms.
If you see anyone stealing any MRGCD property along the ditches or in the bosque, please call your local law enforcement.
Help us stop a thief and save your tax dollars too!!

Breaking Ground on Bosque Restoration
With shovels in hand, dignitaries and students alike, broke ground on the $25 million dollar Bosque Revitalization project.
The project encompasses more than 900 acres of bosque area and will concentrate on removing non-native plant species and replacing them with native vegetation, improvements in recreational areas to include picnic areas and boat launches, and removal of 'jetty-jack' systems that were once used as flood control.

Former U.S. Senator, Pete Domenici led the activities. The Senator was instrumental in securing the necessary funding for the project before retiring from the Senate in 2008. Domenici applauded the efforts of all agencies, including the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, and noted that the interagency cooperation is creating a better quality of life for all New Mexicans.

The restoration project was awarded by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to Ajac Enterprises. Three other subcontractors will be working in conjunction with Ajac, and all are New Mexico based companies.

The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District is the sponsoring agency and board members Eugene Abeita and Karen Dunning attended the groundbreaking for the district.

The Bosque Restoration, from the northern boundary of Sandia Pueblo to the northern edge of Isleta Pueblo, will take about 3 years to complete.

NO Woodcutting Allowed in Bosque
The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District is NOT issuing woodcutting permits at this time.
Notices of wood availability will be posted when bosque areas are cleared and the downed wood has been cut and is ready for disposal. But, as of now, no wood is available and woodcutting is not permitted in bosque areas.

The MRGCD asks that everyone be respectful of the bosque area and enjoy this natural wonder as it was intended.

Bernardo Fire Information – 1/10/12 – Final Update
Posted on February 8, 2012 by Dan Ware
The Bernardo Fire is now 100% contained. Crews remain on scene today mopping up final hotspots.
Fire investigators believe the fire may have been caused by an individual, or individuals removing metal from jetty jacks along the bosque. State Forestry is asking anyone with information about this incident to contact Agent Shawn Beck, New Mexico State Forestry at 505-827-0503.