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      Past Issues

      Fish Enchantment is proud to have released New Mexico's first E-Magazine dedicated to fishing in 2013. Since then we've released over a dozen content packed issues!

      Tails of Enchantment is an entertaining, educational, and free E-Magazine to subscribe to!
      The magazine has it's own page here on FE, SUBSCRIBE NOW so you never miss an Issue of Tails of Enchantment. You can subscribe via RSS feed, or by following the SUBSCRIBE TODAY banner on the left sidebar of this page. Members of Issuu.com can subscribe through Issuu as well.


      Subscribers can view the magazines on Fish Enchantment or at issuu.com/fishenchantment. Mobile users can view direct links from Issuu (posted below each embedded Issue) but will not be able to see the magazine embedded on FE without the proper Flash Player. However, the magazine is 100% mobile friendly so enjoy and share it wherever you go!

      See the Tails of Enchantment Stack of past issues here!

      Tails of Enchantment brings some of New Mexico's best known fishing personalities and writers together and features great articles from out of state editors also. Subscribers should expect fresh content from a variety of contributors and the magazine to be published quarterly. The content in each issue is according to the season that issue is released.

      Featured Contributors

      This list of Contributors is sure to grow but here's who you can expect to read articles from. Thanks to all our Contributors, without them this magazine wouldn't be possible! Be sure to support them and their businesses/endeavors as way to say thank you!

      Kevin Terry
      Nick Streit
      Van Beacham
      Bill Dunn
      Kris Johnson
      Rita Adams
      Ti Piper
      Frank Vilorio
      Toner Mitchell
      Bob Widgren
      Vince Deadmond
      Shawn Jones
      Gregg Flores
      Andrew Ragas
      Mario Flores
      Steve Ryan
      Joseph Banik
      TJ Trout
      Mario Flores
      David Goodrich
      Matt Pelletier

      Department Contributors:

      Here are the Editors who are Department Contributors, not all Departments will be featured in each issue. Some Departments are interactive, we want to give our readers every chance possible to be a part of this publication so please submit regularly to the Interactive Departments.

      Juan Ramirez (Montana Fly Company design team) & David Goodrich (Manager-Tumbleweed Fly & Tackle)- Your Fly's Down
      Will Wells (Roxors)- Hooked Comic
      Felipe (Manuel) Ortega and Sean Gifford (Giff)- Yak Hack
      Matt Pelletier (NMfishn)- Captured, Anglers Art, News & Events, Aquatic Talk, Captured, Product Showcase, Message from the Editor

      What each Department will be about:

      Yak Hack-
      Getting the most out of the newest way to target fish, Kayak fishing!

      Fish Science
      - Biology, Ichthyology put into terms us as anglers are familiar with.

      Your Fly's Down-MFC Fly Designer Juan Ramirez shares Life Cycles patterns of flies you should be fishing. All linked to videos for you to watch the step by step process of tying these deadly patterns.

      Hooked Comic
      -Fishy comics by local artist Will Wells

      Giving Back
      - Conservation and restoration efforts around the state that you can get involved with and help give back to our resource.

      Outdoor Events
      - Fishing and outdoors related news and events in New Mexico.

      Aquatic Talk- Audio Interviews with a variety of personalities within the fishing industry.

      -Interactive- Subscribers can submit photos to be featured in this "photo gallery" style of Department. SUBMIT HERE.

      Product Showcase- Read about great products we've recently used, tested, or have always trusted here.

      Anglers Art- Local artists featuring fishing related pieces for sale directly from the artist.

      Editors Message- A note from the Editor in Chief.

      Index of Advertisers- Index of advertisements in magazine


      Magazine Production:


      Fish Enchantment Media

      Matt Pelletier, Editor in Chief
      Manuel Ortega

      Graphics & Design:
      Matt Pelletier

      Leah Pelletier, Advertising Director

      Tails of Enchantment is published 4 times a year
      by Fish Enchantment Media LLC Copywrite © Tails of Enchantment. All rights reserved. The usage of articles, photographs, and any reproduction of this publication is strictly prohibited.
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