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      Fish Enchantment is a website dedicated to Fishing in the Land of Enchantment and operated by FE Media LLC. The heart of FE is the multi species fishing Forum where Members learn, share, and interact with other avid anglers fishing New Mexico and abroad.

      Over the years we have operated with a very simple website and forum. The most recent change/upgrade was our third and will prove to be a great move. Things will be changing a lot during the first year or so of building it until we have it just the way we want. Thanks to all the Members/Sponsors for their contributions to help make Fish Enchantment the only fishing website of it's kind in NM! Fish Enchantment is New Mexico's Online Fishing Resource & Angling Community!

      FE Forum

      The FE Forum has multiple tiers of fishing reports from; Public Reports, FE Angler Reports (30 posts), and the Conservationists (100 legitimate posts makes you eligible for nomination from another Member of the Conservationist Membergroup).

      We have a Forum for our Members to post their own fishing videos, a fishing articles archive with stories from adventures around NM, and a forum with tackle and gear reviews. FE also has Forums for fishing tournaments and other outdoors related news and events in and around New Mexico, a growing fish and game recipe book, fly fishing advice and fly recipes, ice fishing forum for hard water enthusiasts, a forum for NM Muskies Inc Members to promote their mission, events/news, and much more.

      Angler of the Month Contest

      The forum also has an Angler of the Month Contest which is sponsored by Los Pinos Fly and Tackle Shop. All registered FE Members can participate and win free gear.

      There's much more, register and log in for free and be part of Fish Enchantment-New Mexico's Online Angling Community!

      FE Blogs

      No Nanners- By Matt Pelletier (NMfishn)
      Hooked- By Will Wells (Roxors)
      Our Team of Bloggers is a group of diverse NM anglers who have a never ending passion for the pursuit of the fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. This portion of the site is still new and will continue to grow over time. If you're interested in having a Blog on FE send nmfishn an email or Instant Message and we'll see what you have in mind.


      Through the Mainsite Here you'll find access to all content on the site. Fishing Articles and Videos, Anglers Resources, the Photo Gallery, our Sponsors, Forums, Blogs, and much more...


      Our massive Photo Gallery consists of years of fish and scenery shots from us and our Members.

      Anglers Resources

      Be sure to view the FE Anglers Resources Archive for tons of great links to a wide variety or resources such as; Fishing Reports, Water Levels/Flows, Moon Phases, Mapping, Non Profit Organizations, Fishing Clubs, Lodging, Resort/Private waters, Websites/Friends, State Record Fish, etc..
      Coming soon: Fish Identification, Aquatic NM Entomology.


      Fish Enchantment also offers HD fishing videos from private and public water around the state. Contact Matt/nmfishn if you're interested in having a fishing video of any sort shot.

      Tails of Enchantment (FREE E-Magazine)
      Fish Enchantment is very excited to announce we have launched a FREE quarterly E-Magazine apply named "Tails of Enchantment". The inaugural issue was released on December 24th, 2013 and it had over 6,000 views in the first month alone! If you're interested in contributing to or advertising in the magazine contact Matt/nmfishn.

      Guide Service

      Fish Enchantment Guide Service operates at Bluewater Lake State Park. Tiger Muskies is the name of the game! Open water and Ice Fishing Trip available. More information can be found at feguides.com. Eventually we will offer trips to several bodies of water as we build our clients list and bring on new guides.


      Fish Enchantment is now offering Sponsor advertising packages for any companies looking to promote their fishing related products. If you are interested in joining forces with Fish Enchantment Media LLC, contact Matt/nmfishn and we'll see what you have in mind. We can discuss several means of promoting your property or products.

      FE Webmasters and Administrators

      Matt Pelletier, FE Founder, "NMFISHN" matt@fishenchantment.com

      NMfishn's FE Profile

      Born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico and has always enjoyed the outdoors. His Father and Grandfather used to take Matt fishing for Coho, Kokanee, and Trout when he was young. The majority of the time they fished Heron, El-Vado, and Eagle Nest. In 2001 he became a dedicated angler that fishing every weekend/chance, any specie, and any water he could find. In 2004 Matt started fly fishing and quickly began tying his own flies that same year. Back in 07 he took a shot at ice fishing and had a few great experiences, ever since he has been addicted to the hardwater season. Along with his wife Leah/Mariposa he created Fish Enchantment in 2005. He can't explain how amazing it's been and what great friends and new fishing buddies he has met along the way. Fe would like to say THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Matt's also dedicated to New Mexico Muskies Inc and NM Muskie fisheries. He has served as Secretary, VP, and most recently had the privilege of serving the Members as President from June 2009-Current. He is also a Member of the Dynamic Lures Pro Staff Team as well as the 2010 NMDGF (A.R.E.) Aquatic Resource Education Volunteer of the year. In 2013 FE launched a free magazine and with the help of great contributors around the state it's quickly grown into the most viewed content item on the site. 2013 brings in new adventures as we launch "FE Guide Service", and will be booking clients for trips to Bluewater Lake at feguides.com. Eventually we will offer trips to several bodies of water as we build our clients list and bring on new guides.

      Leah Pelletier, FE Webmaster, "Mariposa"

      Mariposa's FE Profile

      Leah was born and raised in New Mexico, enjoys the outdoors, shooting, and fishing. Her Father and Brother used to take Leah fishing for pike, Bass and Catfish when she was young. Ever since then she has always enjoyed being outdoors. Her favorite species to fish for is Small and Largemouth Bass. Leah also enjoys working on computers; that eventually led to helping Matt build Fish Enchantment. Leah's favorite part of Fish Enchantment has been going fishing and camping with the people they have met through the forum.

      Felipe “Manuel” Ortega, FE Administrator, Manuel@fishenchantment.com

      Manuel's FE Profile

      Felipe "Manuel" was born and raised in northern Taos county and spent the majority of his free time enjoying the outdoors with a fishing rod in his hand. His grandfather taught him to fish at an early age and the obsession grew from there. Manuel spent majority of his time fishing the Rio Costilla Park and consider the fishery his home turf. In time he found himself exploring many fisheries in South Central Colorado and North Central NM. In 1999 he moved to Albuquerque to go to college and has lived there since. In 2009 he was told about FishEnchantment.com’s forum and quickly became a member. Manuel's fished with many anglers that he's met on the site and considers all of them great friends. He feels the amount of knowledge and techniques the has picked up from this site has been amazing. In 2010 he volunteered to help out as a moderator and recently has started helping as an administrator. I was super excited to find FE originally and am still excited to help the site grow and mature.

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